Everything in the Wrong Order

5:22:00 AM

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While contemplating an MSc at The University of Warwick, I spoke with more than twenty behavioral economists/ behavioral scientists/ students and professors in universities across the US & UK. Despite this insane amount of research, it didn’t dawn on me until I arrived on campus, just how well connected and business/career oriented Warwick is. In the three weeks I’ve been here, I’ve attended a career fair that featured everyone from Bloomberg to IBM, Jaguar, Brain Labs, PwC, Capital One, Lloyd’s and a million more. I’ve sat in on consulting workshops sponsored by firms like EY, PwC, Bain, and more. And it’s only been three weeks.

It’s thrilling to be in a space where most people value both the campus experience but are also keeping an eye on what comes next. If I wanted, I could have attended a different networking event with high profile firms every single day last week. Having this choice is amazing, yet I’ve had to remind myself, it’s not my primary focus. My intention at this time, despite the fact that I could be having smoothies with J.P Morgan or coffee with PwC, is to focus on getting the quantitative skills and beefing up my analytical skills to prepare me to step back into the corporate world and do great work. Running around to network as much as I can and line up as many interviews as possible and apply for all the graduate schemes or internships, isn’t what’s best for me at this time.

As a type-A “get-it-done-yesterday-and-get-it-done-better-than-everyone else” person, it’s hard to see all these great opportunities and focus on analyzing a dataset in r instead of networking my butt off for a job. But I’ve been learning a lot about being aligned with my intentions and doing what feels right. When you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing, there’s a feeling of focus and peace instead of the anxiety that comes when you’re trying to do everything in the wrong order.

So it’s week 3 and I’m slowly putting my priorities back in the right order.


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