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1. I belong wherever I want to be. My life, my choices, and my joy, to a great extent, are up to me.

2. Work hard.

3. Move in silence. They don't have to see you, they'll hear about you.

4. Know what you want. Either you have a plan, or the world will make one for you. Don't let the world determine the life you'll live.

5. Listen and respect your intuition.

6. Save money on shit you don't care about, so you can spend it on things you do care about.

7. Watch what people do, not what they say.

8. Stop looking for validation. Validate yo damn self, ma.

9. Keep your circle tight.

10. When it comes to people, the garbage will usually take itself out. Respect yourself enough to let go.

11. You can, and will, grow out of certain circles. Personal growth is more important than certain friendships. If your circle is limiting your growth, you're playing yourself.

12. Earplugs will save your life.

13. Jealousy will destroy a friendship faster than actual beef. Walk with people you respect for one thing or another, and can call you out on your BS when necessary.

14. You don't have to experience everything right now. Let things happen in the right time.

15. Actively seek peace.

16. Learn from other people's mistakes. Learn from older people.

17. Question the expected. You don't need a husband or children to be fulfilled as a woman. You also don't need to work a 9-5 to be fulfilled as a woman.

18. Find your values and live your life in line with those values.

19. Money is energy. Poverty-porn is disgusting. Miss me with that nonsense.

20. Truth is power. Honesty is power. If you have to hide shit, lie or treat people as less than you, you're playing yourself.

21. Everything is connected. You don't know who'll hold the keys tomorrow. Treat people respectfully.

22. Control yourself. 99% of the time, confidence and dignity will shine true. For the other 1% if people try you, please handle appropriately.

23. Know your worth and invest in yourself.

24. You can't outrun your demons. Face you fears and dismiss them appropriately.

25. Embrace change.

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