Financial Education for Women Experiencing Homelessness

6:08:00 AM

In my second workshop for women experiencing homelessness (partnership with Women In Need, Inc. (Win)) we focused on #Savingmoney. Saving money is uniquely difficult for humans regardless of whether we earn multiple figures or rely on government assistance.

During our session, we talked about how to tie our savings to our core values/ what we actually care about, and then automate those savings to stay on track.
The ladies wanted copies of the books I referenced during the session, so I’m super excited to be giving them #richdadpoordad by Robert Kiyosaki and #iwillteachyoutoberich by Ramit Sethi. Both books have changed the financial lives of millions of people—mine included and I’m hoping they give the ladies the confidence and practical steps they need to keep making good financial decisions.

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